Interview with The Celiac Project Filmmaker Michael Frolichstein

You may have heard that there is an exciting new documentary being produced by Chicago-based celiac filmmaker, Michael Frolichstein. The documentary is appropriately titled, The Celiac Project. We recently chatted with Michael to learn more about his documentary that will … Continue reading

Kathy Smart’s Live the Smart Way Online Course

If you or a loved one are looking for a simple way to transform your health and body, and learn everything you need to know about the gluten-free lifestyle, then you’ll definitely want to check out TV Chef and Nutritionist … Continue reading

Interview with Food Choices Filmmaker Michal Siewierski

We were recently contacted by a Chicago-based Filmmaker to inform us about Food Choices, his new documentary (about food of course!) that is currently in production. We learned that this documentary is about how the foods we choose significantly impact … Continue reading Wins GFREEK Award

It was just announced that the new gluten-free online store, won an award for best online store in the 4th annual Gluten-Free Awards, hosted by Read more about it here:

Interview with Gluten-Free Expert Kathy Smart

For the final day of Celiac Disease Awareness Month 2014, we interviewed multi-award winning chef, nutritionist, cookbook author and TV personality, Kathy Smart. Our last interview with her was nearly 3 years ago (read the interview here) and needless to … Continue reading

An Athlete’s Gluten-Free Diet

Written by Guest Blogger, Kate Stephey-Pieneman Gluten-free, holistic and athlete are not words that are typically used together. Well, at least not the athlete part. Especially when that athlete competes in the women’s fitness division of the sport of bodybuilding. … Continue reading

Interview with Jennifer Esposito

In celebration of celiac disease awareness month, we interviewed Jennifer Esposito. Jennifer is a diagnosed celiac and celiac advocate, actress, author and gluten-free bakery maven. Jennifer Esposito is the founder of Jennifer’s Way Foundation for Celiac Education (JWF) and Jennifer’s … Continue reading