Delicious Without Gluten Interview

Delicious Without Gluten

We recently interviewed Miriam Pearl, President of Delicious Without Gluten (DWG), a dedicated Canadian manufacturer of delicious baked goods that are free of gluten, peanuts/nuts and dairy. DWG is also Kosher certified. Here is what she shared with us!


Q: Tell us about DWG and how it was established.

Over 7 years ago both of my kids were diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I owned a peanut-free bakery at the time because my daughter has a peanut allergy and there were not many snacks and cakes out there at that time for those with peanut/nut allergies. My kids tasted everything gluten-free on the market and there were a lot of goods thrown out. I left my bakery to figure out how to make products gluten-free. I started out with a few products, learned the industry and upon figuring out how to make bread pliable and soft, I knew I had to open a factory. In September 2015, DWG the factory was built. 

 Q: What makes DWG unique?

There are many gluten-free products today on the market that are tasty. The most difficult to find is a great tasting sandwich bread with a fluffy and pliable texture. This was my discovery. I am a kosher, peanut-free, nut-free, sesame-free, dairy-free, almost entirely soy-free and some egg-free bakery. I am committed to and passionate about taking extreme care with all allergens and making very yummy baked goods that are so similar to the taste and texture as their gluten counterparts.

Delicious Without Gluten Breads

Q: What kinds of products does DWG offer?

DWG offers paninis, dinner rolls, hamburger buns and sandwich breads of all kinds. It is also known for very yummy cake loaves, cupcakes, cookies and brownies. We also have some unique offerings such as pita bread, bagels, bread sticks and baguettes, but quantities are limited as they are made by hand the old fashioned way. 

Q: What are DWG’s most popular products? 

The white sandwich loaf, Paninis and dinner rolls are the best bread sellers and the banana chocolate chip bread loaf and vegan cupcakes are the best sellers in the sweets department! Challah rolls, both regular and oats are most popular in the kosher market.

Delicious Without Gluten Muffins

Q: What are DWG’s plans for the future?

DWG is planning to expand further in the Ontario Market and in the USA kosher market. With a few new tricks up our sleeves (which I cannot say at the moment) we will head to mass market. ♦

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