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We are asked frequently about where folks can find gluten-free cosmetics. Not long ago, we found out about Zorah biocosmétiques, which is a cosmetics company that produces high quality 100% organic products in Montreal. We wanted to share information about Zorah, so we interviewed Elise Mailhot-Paquette, Director of Communications. Read on to learn more about this unique organic cosmetics company.

Tell us about ​Zorah biocosmétiques and how it was established.

After Melissa Harvey  completed her degree at HEC in Montreal, she travelled to Morocco as an international volunteer worker in Morocco. While there, she met a Berber women who were producing Argan Oil in order to get out of living on the street. Most of the Berber women she met had been rejected by their husbands and were single moms. They regrouped and built themselves a business. Their courage and determination inspired Melissa and she wanted to help. At that time, they were experiencing an issue with a buyer so Melissa gathered the necessary funding to buy all their argan oil, bring it back to Montréal and sell it. That’s how it all began.


What makes the ​Zorah biocosmétiques brand unique?

What makes Zorah unique is that the base of the products is pure argan oil, they are made in Canada and are organic. Cutting-edge scientific research conducted by Zorah’s biochemists has lead to the creation of organic products of unequalled effectiveness. Argan oil and other powerful natural active ingredients protect the skin, make cuticles supple, boost vital skin functions, restore the skin barrier and neutralize free radicals.

What kinds of products does Zorah offer and please tell us about them.

Zorah biocosmétiques inc. is a Montreal based company that develops, produces and distributes high-end Certified Organic cosmetics.  Our current line of products is made with Argan oil and is favorably compared to the best synthetic products on the market, but without any harmful ingredients to human’s health or the environment. Our products range from facial care, body care and a cosmetic care line.


What sets Zorah apart from other makeup producers?

What sets us apart from other makeup producers is that we prefer to refer to our cosmetic care line as “tinted treatment.” Our cosmetic care line nourishes, hydrates, soothes, reduces redness and slows down the aging process. There are absolutely no toxins in our skincare and cosmetics line.

What are Zorah’s most popular products and colours?

It truly depends on the customer and what they are looking for. For example, as we are in the summer months, HANI, our after-sun lotion, is extremely popular. It is also ideal for stretch marks and scars. At the office, we call it our natural “polysporin”. Another popular product is our lengthening mascara that just won 1st prize for the 2015 Clean Beauty awards. It was awarded the cleanest most effective mascara on the market. But on a regular basis, our facial moisturizers and our ant aging products are our best sellers.


What are Zorah’s plans for the future?

We are constantly innovating and developing new products. As of January 2016, we have an exciting new line coming out. We look forward to sharing it with your readers. We are also implementing a marketing strategy in Canada that includes onsite demos, local adds, onsite promotional activities and increased media visibility.

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