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SkinnyPasta Interview!

Have you tried SkinnyPasta? We recently sampled Skinny Pasta’s products at the Gluten-Free Garage pop-up in Toronto and were impressed by the nutritional value, taste and texture. It’s far lighter than traditional carby-type pastas (hence the name!). We interviewed Michelle … Continue reading

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Interview with Italpasta

If you haven’t heard about Italpasta’s gluten-free pasta yet, you are missing out! Italpasta produces delicious pasta! With their strong sense of Italian traditions and love of simple, delicious food, Italpasta also offers a range of gluten-free pasta that is … Continue reading

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Conte’s Pasta Giveaway

Does your heart desire Italian food? We’re talking about pizza, pasta, lasagna, ravioli and pierogies from the Old World! We’re talking about all-natural ingredients like thick, rich tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, spinach and roasted garlic! If you are gluten-free, you … Continue reading

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Pass the Pasta Please!

Last week we were invited to a gluten-free media dinner hosted by Italpasta at 7 Numbers on the Danforth in Toronto. That’s right, Italpasta—famous for its 100% pure durum semolina pasta (fancy talk for pure wheat)—now serves up pasta for … Continue reading

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