Top 5 Gluten-Free Travel Destinations

Written by Ellen Morse

Gluten Free Travel-Us just celebrated its first anniversary! Many hours of hard work and wonderful clients have made this an incredible beginning.  We have also gleaned lots of great information regarding Gluten-Free travel around the world. And of the most important, is the knowledge that there are great Gluten-Free travel destinations, and those that are more challenging. We have wonderful travel destinations where we have worked with hotels and resorts, and have “made it happen”, however, not all of those travel destinations can welcome a Gluten-Free traveler with ease.

Here are five of our absolute favorite Gluten-Free travel destinations:

1. Rome, Italy

2. Barcelona, Spain

3. London, England

4. Halifax, Nova Scotia

5. Boston, USA

We must also add two very special places where we have “made it happen” with roaring success – Costa Rica and Panama! Please feel free to contact us to create your Gluten-Free, personal journey to one of our personal favorites.

Gluten Free Travel–Us is the only company in the US that creates customized gluten-free itineraries. There is a food consultant on staff who is also a trained chef with national food services certification. She has written Gluten-Free cookbooks, and has amazing knowledge of food worldwide. We operate as your advocates in communicating with hotels, tour companies and cruise lines, in addition to recommending restaurants and markets offering gluten-free products.

Ellen Morse, gluten-free and dairy-free herself, has been creating customized itineraries for the non gluten-free community for 14 years. She has relationships with all of the top hotel wholesalers, cruise lines and tour companies in the industry. There is no detail too large or too small that cannot be arranged – everything from air, hotels, transfers, tours and excursions. She is proud to be able to combine her travel expertise with qualified gluten-free food staff in order to create an amazing opportunity for gluten-free travelers to travel everywhere.

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