Why You Should Eat Drink and Be Merry with Udi’s


Udi’s is a brand I truly love. When I first discovered them, I had to double check the ingredients, particularly on the labels of their breads and muffins. How to describe these baked goods? Soft, moist, chewy, fluffy, light. Very unlike the gluten-free varieties I’ve grown up with, which on the contrary were extremely hard, dry, crumbly, dense and heavy! Udi’s baked goods definitely do not look, smell, taste or feel like they are gluten-free at all, they never have. They’ve even been known to make people cry tears of joy. Personally, I remember being in shock.

Although I have been avoiding grains more and more over the last year or so, I still enjoy baked goods once in a while. As for my Udi’s faves? I love the taste of their millet-chia bread, cinnamon-raisin bread and pizza crust. The tortillas and burritos are also exceptionally good. I’ve never been a big baguette fan, however, I must say that Udi’s Crispy and Delicious French Baguette is comparable to any regular, non-gluten-free French baguette! These products can be seen in the picture below.


These are a few of my favorite [Udi’s] things!

For a special treat, I particularly enjoy their decadent chocolate chip cookies, soft and chewy dark chocolate brownie bites (in the image below on the right) and blueberry muffins. Udi’s chocolate chip cookies and chewy dark chocolate brownie bites make decadent additions to the holiday dessert table, especially in my case since I am such a chocolate lover! 

Last but far from least, I recently discovered their new currants, flax and chia oatmeal made with pure, uncontaminated steel cut oats (in the image below on the left), and I’m a big fan! This oatmeal is delicious, and there is no added sugar which is very important to me; as a nutritionist, I think this product is definitely a step in the right direction! Side note: If you have celiac disease, find out from your physician if you are able to tolerate pure oats before consuming as many celiacs can’t.

This is one of the great prize packs you could win in the Udi's #EatDrinkBeMerry Holiday Giveaway!

This is one of the great prize packs you could win in the Udi’s #EatDrinkBeMerry Holiday Giveaway!

Every year around the holidays Udi’s hosts a very generous giveaway to pay homage to its loyal customers and fans. This year they are hosting a great holiday giveaway, appropriately called Eat Drink Be Merry (on Twitter it’s #EatDrinkBeMerry).


Udi’s is giving away tons of holiday prize packs (75 prize packs valued at $50 each and 50 prize packs valued at $75 each), similar to the one you see in the image above, plus free product coupons to 500 lucky winners. And yes, those are Snicker Doodle Cookies. I have tried them and yes, they are the real deal!

To ENTER THE UDI’S #EatDrinkBeMerry GIVEAWAY, it could not be easier! All you have to do is simply share your favorite holiday dishes, drinks and celebrations with Udi’s HERE: http://shop.udisglutenfree.com/eatdrinkbemerry!

Good luck and happy holidays! 


Lisa Cantkier is a lifelong celiac and a nutrition coach. Her website is LisaCantkier.com

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