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Monday, October 23, 2017

 Kelly's Bake Shoppe

As every true cupcake lover knows, cupcakes are not something to be taken lightly. This is a serious decision. We understand that. And no one takes cupcakes more seriously than we do. That’s why we’re so careful about everything we put in them: whole grain flours, organic ingredients and sweeteners; so they're gluten-free allergy free, and nutritious. And we’re even more serious about the taste. Because if they’re not fantastically, outrageously delicious, then what’s the point?

Kelly’s Bakery is absolutely, positively serious about cupcakes. We’re so serious we opened a bakery dedicated to them.

After all, we love great tasting treats. We also love to eat healthy. So (we thought) why not open a bakery that can do both?

Of all the many things in life we love, one is food: especially delicious, natural food that people love to eat. It’s bringing them great pleasure and health all in one, more or less like having your cupcake…and eating it too.

We are Canada’s first gluten-free organic vegan bakery. We’re also dairy-free, egg-free, peanut-free and soy-free. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, loaves and muffins: every indulgence is here.

So, you’re wondering – how does it taste? It’s hard to put taste into words, but let’s try: incredible, mouth-watering, extraordinary out-of-this-world delicious – for starters. Don’t believe us? Fair enough: just ask one of our customers, check us out on Facebook, look up all the awards we’ve won, or, better yet, try one for yourself. We’re not making this stuff up. Seriously.

We now deliver! From Grimsby to Bowmanville to Newmarket only $15, and just about everywhere else!

For more information, please visit


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