Gluten-Free No-Bake Nut Butter Cookies

Created by Lisa Cantkier of

Making Oatmeal Cookies

Calling all gluten-free cookie monsters! I love easy-peasy, fast no-bake recipes and I love cookies, so I created this “quick fix” gluten-free oatmeal chocolate chip cookie with benefits! It’s great for breakfast, dessert or an on-the-go snack.

These cookies offer nearly 10 grams of protein per serving (who needs protein bars when you’ve got protein cookies?!), as well as other nutritional benefits. They can be made nut-free, dairy-free and vegan by using soy butter and vegan protein powder—choose organic varieties.


1 cup (250 ml) old fashioned, pure and uncontaminated, uncooked rolled oats
1/2 cup (125 ml) of your favorite unsweetened nut butter (almond butter, peanut butter)
or organic soy butter
6 tablespoons (90 g) pure, natural whey protein powder or organic vegan protein powder
1/4 cup water (60 ml) water
1/4 cup (45 g) semi-sweet chocolate chips


1. Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl until well combined.

2. If your mixture is too thick or dry, add a little more water and combine.

3. Freeze cookie dough for 10-15 minutes.

4. Form balls with cookie dough about the size of the palm of your hand,
flatten and place on a plate.

5. Refrigerate cookies for 2 hours (if you don’t eat them all first!).

Makes 1 dozen cookies.



Lisa Cantkier is a holistic nutritionist and lifelong celiac focused on living well with special diets. Her website is


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